Monday, 9 April 2012

From the Lab: Maltego & Evernote Integration

A quick post to show a solution we've been slowly working on since February. We hope by releasing this demo that interested parties will reach out to us to further focus our development efforts prior to entering our release cycle.

What we've done is take Maltego for visualisation and relationship identification and Evernote as a collaboration and mobile data collection platform and integrate the two.

The obvious applications in law enforcement are clear (per the demo). We also see that it could be of use to other user groups. These user groups will be those who want to share information either in near real-time with each other and/or a third party incident room or alternatively after fact visualisation of relationships between the data collected. The potential user groups in our mind could include:
  • Journalists
  • First responders of all emergency services
  • Incident response teams, no matter what 'incident' is being responded to
We believe that this provides a unique integration between researchers and the existing transforms within Maltego.

The demo:

If you or your organisation is looking to integrate this kind of data (from the 'field') or are looking to  use an existing Maltego installation in more interesting ways we would like to talk to you.

If you want to get in contact with us feel free to use our contact form.


  1. I assume this leverages their API i.e.

    There would be some value if Paterva integrated Evernote into Maltego so that the note(s) associated with each Maltego Entity would get up to date in the cloud so to speak but this would require changes to the Maltego Graph to be pushed out from the cloud also i.e. sharing a Maltego Graph with multiple parties at the same time, which is not possible at this time?

    An alternate solution would be to use "git" which also removes the "burden of proof" since it supports SHA-1 hashing (automatically) and GPG signing since the target audience is emergency services?

    Also, it might be possible to combine these as a i.e. "git" with the interface of Evernote?

    Let me know your thoughts?

    1. Yes we leverage the Evernote API. It was less than obvious on how to fully deal with other people's Notebooks as the documentation was a little light in that area. Maltego just introduced graph sharing natively in the new community edition. Gist would also work. Have a look at the native sharing and see what you think.